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About ERIM Consulting

ERIM Consulting advances public health impact through bridging research and innovation to address complex challenges in public health. 

How we support our clients

Informed Decision-Making: We shape global public health investments and strategies through meticulous evidence synthesis. Our services encompass comprehensive scoping studies, rapid assessments, evidence gap maps, and systematic reviews. Our insights have facilitated meaningful global health agendas, informed innovation processes, and shaped investment priorities.

Evidence Gathering: With extensive experience in a wide range of data collection approaches, including surveys, crowdsourced data, secondary datasets and qualitative data, we design usable and reliable data collection approaches. From hypothesis formulation to data interpretation, we prioritize rigorous analysis and maintain a global perspective to deliver actionable insights at the intersection of health and impact. 

Intuitive Knowledge Translation:We employ compelling data visualization techniques to present clear and actionable insights derived from our analyses while considering the needs of diverse audiences. By transforming complex public health datasets into intuitive visuals and complementary knowledge translation strategies, we facilitate informed and inclusive decision-making and drive effective interventions.

Generating Exploratory and Predictive Insights: From health data cleaning to descriptive analysis and predictive modeling, we analyze multifaceted data to track public health initiatives. By thoughtfully synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data, we uncover actionable insights that enable proactive action, health product innovations and user-driven service delivery transformations.