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Advancing Public Health through Data-Driven Innovation

At ERIM Consulting, our mission is to advance public health impact by merging rigorous research with cutting-edge innovation. We specialize in these core areas to address complex public health challenges:

Data Analysis: Leveraging advanced data collection methods and analytical techniques, we transform diverse datasets into actionable insights, guiding health interventions and policy decisions.

Intervention Development and Adaptation: Our expertise in public health allows us to design, adapt, and evaluate interventions that are both impactful and sustainable, ensuring they meet the unique needs of communities and health systems.

Evidence Synthesis: We distill vast amounts of research into comprehensible, actionable evidence. Through systematic reviews, evidence gap maps, and rapid assessments, we illuminate paths forward for global health investments and strategies.

Strategic Advisory for Health Investments: Providing unparalleled guidance for funders, investors, innovators, and policymakers, we draw on our deep understanding of the global health innovation ecosystem to shape portfolios of funding and policy that are not only feasible but fundamentally transformative.

By focusing on these pillars, ERIM Consulting supports our clients in navigating the complexities of public health, ensuring decisions are informed, interventions are effective, and impacts are profound.