Shaping investments in health and wellbeing with scientific insights.

︎ Developing the World Health Organization's Urban Health Research Agenda

Worked with the WHO to develop a coordinated and solution-oriented Urban Health Research Agenda to push for evidence-based solutions to disease prevention and health promotion in urban environments.
︎ An Evidence and Gap Map on Children’s Wellbeing

Conducted an evidence synthesis to create an Evidence and Gap Map (EGM) of “Inclusive Interventions for Children with Disabilities in LMICs”, to inform areas where investments for child wellbeing are needed.


Testing applications of science to public health gaps.

︎ User-Centered Mobile Health Initiatives to Promote Healthy Behaviours

This feasibility study takes a look at the development of the Jooay app for improving access to health-promoting opportunities for Canadian children with disabilities.

︎ Using Crowd-sourced Data to Inform Neighbourhood Investments for Health

Linked crowdsourced data from a digital listing of inclusive physical activity programmes in Canadian cities to data on neighbourhood-level deprivation, to explore the best ways to capture neighbourhood resources for wellbeing.